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Shipping & Handling

Why Does It Typically Take 2 Weeks To Ship My Order?

We use a Print On-Demand (POD) system to produce all our products. This means that each individual garment is custom made once you place an order with us. That 2 week window gives our busy manufacturer enough time to make your items, and make them right, before shipping directly to you.


Why Print On-Demand Manufacturing?

This process allows small businesses like us to exist without a large initial investment. It also ensures we avoid any over production, making it the most environmentally friendly option.

Being financially free lets us reinvest our time and money into making better products and content for YOU.


"Wholesome Wholesale"

 Because Print On-Demand manufacturing is low-risk for businesses, it is often a more expensive option. Most brands pass this cost onto the customer and charge a more premium price - we do NOT do this. We consider Wholesome Boy a wholesale business. This means we make our margins razor thin to keep costs as low as possible for customers.

 We sacrifice our profit to make quality products anyone can afford.

 We are committed to creating a brand that produces sustainably, has a positive impact in our communities, and leaves a lasting legacy.

 Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we learn and grow!


More Questions?

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