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The Wholesome Truth

About Us

Wholesome Boy is a minimalist art driven lifestyle brand that works to empower genuine individuals to truly "wear your heart on your sleeve."

The Conception

Wholesome Boy was founded in early 2021 by high school friends Justin Edwards and Jonathan Heisler, who later became roommates in a Portland, Oregon apartment. During this time, they discovered a shared drive to create something greater than themselves. As that fire grew, they embarked on a journey to establish a brand that would profoundly impact lives.

The Branding

As our launch date approached, we began crafting the brand's identity. Inspired by a quote from the late Steve Jobs, Justin coined the slogan "An Extension of Character," a phrase that would ultimately define the brand's essence.

The Mission

The mission was simple: to make 'wholesome' cool. Our strategy involved empowering genuine people to showcase their character to the world. Our belief was grounded in the idea that if a critical mass of good-hearted and genuine individuals could be encouraged to embrace and share their inner wholesome, the trend towards authenticity and kindness could gain momentum.

The Details

In a bid to influence a wider audience, maintain authenticity, and cultivate a sense of cool, we made the deliberate choice to use premium, soft, and heavier weight garments while embracing a clean, minimalistic, and streetwear-inspired aesthetic – a style we ourselves would genuinely choose to embrace.

The Cherry On Top

Yet, we aspired to do more than just promote wholesome apparel. In addition to our mission, Wholesome Boy made a heartfelt decision to donate 15% of all sales to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, a voluntary health organization dedicated to supporting those affected by suicide. This organization empowers individuals with research, education, and advocacy to take action against suicide. Our choice to support this charity was a tribute to a mutual friend we lost to this leading cause of death.

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